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ECOtanka  Stainless Steel Water Bottles

ECOtanka drink bottles are manufactured from solid food grade 304 stainless steel, with a quality brush finish. These water bottles come in a range of sizes from 350ml Teeny to 2.0 Litres Mega Tanka and now the Polar Ice Tanka which is double walled for a better insulated Ecotanka drink bottle. ECOtanka also have a range lids and coloured kooler covers to help with insulating your tanka and also gives you a handy carrying strap.


Teeny Tanka :: 350ml

Teeny tankas are designed for babies and toddlers, or for adults who want a bottle which will fit into a small bag or handbag. They hold a volume of 350mls.


Mini Tanka :: 600ml

Mini tankas are perfect for primary school children and ladies handbags, being a little more compact than a regular size drink bottle. They hold a volume of 600mls and fit in to most car and bike drink holders.


Sports Tanka :: 800ml

Sports tankas are the most popular of the ECOtanka range. They hold a volume of 800mls and fit in to most car and bike drink holders.


Trekka Tanka :: 1.0 Litre

The Trekka Tanka is one of the latest additions to the ECOtanka range and is fast proving to be a very popular size! Holds 1 Litre.



Supa Tanka :: 1.2 Litre

Supa tankas hold a volume of 1.2 Litres and are a popular size for men and carrying in 4 wheel drives.


Mega Tanka :: 2.0 Litre

The 2.0 Litre Mega tanka is ideal for the family fridge, camping, tradies, body builders, or use it to store water, milk or beer, or even to brew beer! :-)







POLAR ICE Tanka 800ml

The NEW Polar Ice Tanka has been designed with a double wall to give extra insulation and keep your drink colder for much longer!




Coloured ECOtanka's

Check out the lastest colours of the ECOtanka range.

Mini Tanka: Pink and Blue

Sports Tanka: Black, Red, Purple and Blue.


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